GreenKidz Newspaper Coverage

June 2022

What’s buzzing in the Dutch Caribbean? Last week we launched our hybrid and bilingual mosquito awareness and prevention program at the Schotborg School in Curaçao.

Our action filled program in Papiamentu and Dutch uses mosquito puppets, outdoor buzz games, worksheets, puzzles, coloring pages, prevention assignments and a mosquito hunt through the schoolyard to help children learn about mosquitos and the diseases they transmit.

The 5-mosquito e-learns, that we developed in Papiamentu and Dutch for every digital device offer local children the chance to use online interactive educational tools as well to complement traditional learning. Every student receives 5 colorful badges and a mosquito detective certificate upon completion of the eLearn.

In 2015 werd de GreenKidz Foundation opgericht met als doel ‘Changing the mindset of generations’. In de afgelopen jaren bereikten wij duizenden leerlingen en honderden leerkrachten met modern, meertalig milieu-onderwijs. De komende jaren richten wij ons op jongeren in de hele Dutch Caribbean met vernieuwend natuur- en milieuonderwijs en (digitale) leertrajecten.

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