Kòrsou limpi / Schoon Curaçao

Target group

9 to 12-year-olds

Learning targets

This teaching program is about waste, litter and plastic soup. It teaches children what types of waste there are and how to deal with them wisely. With many recognisable examples, it shows how you can reduce waste yourself by applying the principles of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Refuse in everyday life, and how you can roll up your sleeves on World Clean Up Day to clean up your island.

Teaching materials

The teaching material that accompanies this program consists of a colourful discussion book, a number of beautiful picture slides and colouring pages, a number of loose reading sheets, games, puzzles and a Kòrsou Limpi waste test and student certificate.


Kòrsou Limpi colouring and picture sheets

Kòrsou Sushi colour picture

Kòrsou Limpi Picture

Kòrsou Limpi colouring page



Kòrsou Limpi Lesson Book

Kòrsou Limpi Lesson Book NL

Kòrsou Limpi Lesson Book PAP


Kòrsou Limpi Activity Book

Kòrsou Limpi Activity Book NL

Kórsou Limpi Buki di Aktividat PAP

Kórsou Limpi Activity Book with answer sheets

Kòrsou Limpi waste exam NL

Kórsou Limpi Activity Book with answer sheets

Kòrsou Limpi Waste Test PAP

Kòrsou Limpi Waste Test PAP Answer Sheet

Kòrsou Limpi Student Certificate NL

Kòrsou Limpi Student Certificate PAP

Kòrsou Limpi Student Certificate


Kòrsou Limpi Reading Sheets

Fact sheet People and waste to people and litter NL

Fact sheet People and waste to people and litter PAP

Fact sheet Reducing waste and litter NL

Fact sheet Reducing waste and litter PAP

Fact sheet Types and Sorted Waste NL

Fact sheet Types and Sorted Waste PAP

Fact sheet Plastic NL

Fact sheet Plastic PAP

Fact sheet Aluminium NL

Fact sheet Aluminium PAP

Fact sheet Glass NL

Fact sheet Glass PAP

Fact sheet Paper NL

Fact sheet Paper PAP

Fact sheet Textile NL

Fact sheet Textile PAP

Fact sheet Biological waste NL

Fact sheet Biological waste PAP


Kòrsou Limpi Games

Waste game NL

Waste game answers NL

Wast game PAP

Waste game answers PAP

Sorting game NL

Sorting game answers NL

Sorting game PAP

Sorting game answers PAP

Litter game NL

Litter game answers NL

Litter game PAP

Litter game answers PAP

Choices game NL

Choices game answers NL

Choices game PAP

Choices game answers PAP

Concept game NL

Concept game answers NL

Concept game PAP

Concept game answers PAP

Waste puzzle NL

Waste puzzle answers NL

Waste puzzle PAP

Waste puzzle answers PAP

Maze game

Answers Maze Game

Puzzle game 1

Answers Puzzle Game 1

Puzzle Game 2

Answers Puzzle Game 2

Sudoku game

Answers Sudoku game

Tidy up game

Answers Tidy up game

Picture 1

Answers picture 1

Picture 2

Answers picture 2

Butter-cheese-eggs game


Kòrsou Limpi colouring pages



Tooby and the recycling unit

Landhuis Bloemhof Recycle art

Yubi Kirindongo Workshop

Van den Tweel Recycle center

Curoil glass containers

Curacao Clean Up


Kòrsou Limpi




Wind energy

Environmental police

Earth Day



Clean up your mess’ from teacher Neeltje and master Pieter-bas

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