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    Bank details

    Name: GreenKidz Foundation
    Bank: Maduro & Curiels Bank NV – Curaçao
    Bank account #: 27502502
    Swift code MCB Bank: MCBKCWCU
    Address: Kaya Abrahamsz 21, Willemstad, Curacao
    GreenKidz coordinator: Maya Mathias
    KvK Number: 135770

    Project 1

    Infectious Diseases

    With financial support from the Rotary Club Curacao, GreenKidz is developing a teaching programme on the mosquito-borne infectious diseases Chikungunya, Dengue and Zika for primary schools in the Dutch Caribbean.

    This teaching programme for the first and second phases of primary education consists of an interactive teaching module with power-point presentations, worksheets, colouring pictures, an E-Learn and a mosquito game that can be played with the whole class.

    With these teaching materials, pupils aged 4 to 12 learn how Chikungunya, Dengue and Zika are transmitted by the Aedes Aegypti mosquito, what disease symptoms you can get and what you can do about it in a curative and preventive sense.

    Project 2

    Sustainable Tourism

    In close cooperation with the Curaçao Tourism Board and the hospitality sector on Curaçao, GreenKidz wants to develop and roll out a ‘Sustainable Tourism’ teaching package in primary schools entitled Treasure your Island, Build your Future.

    This teaching package is supported by local image and film material and a lively E-game, which allows teachers to test in a modern and interactive way whether the information about sustainable tourism is well understood and processed.

    With this teaching programme and the accompanying excursions, we let local pupils experience how diverse our island is as a holiday destination. We also introduce them to all kinds of professions in the tourism sector, to show them how many career opportunities there are for them here.

    Project 3

    Corona Prevention

    In 2020, GreenKidz wants to develop, together with all governments and health services of the Dutch Caribbean, digital teaching materials about the New Normal and all measures that are taken in the Dutch Caribbean to prevent Corona contamination.

    These teaching materials are offered in the form of a digital workbook and an E-Learn in which every pupil in Curacao can participate free of charge and receive a Corona Prevention certificate when they successfully complete the free and accessible E-Learn module.

    Project 4

    Green Enegrie

    Together with local energy companies on Curaçao and the Dutch company Slim Opgewekt, GreenKidz wants to develop a modern and interactive teaching programme on green energy and its importance for (schools in) the Dutch Caribbean.

    This teaching programme deals with solar energy, wind energy and energy generated by wave action and the pumping up of deep-sea water. It also allows students to experiment with these forms of energy through experiments and assignments.

    Project 5

    Tropical storms

    Together with METEO Curacao and the Disaster Response Team, GreenKidz wants to develop a curriculum to prepare students for tropical storms and hurricanes and to act as safely as possible when these natural phenomena occur.

    The GreenKidz Foundation was established in 2015 with the goal of ‘Changing the mindset of generations’. In recent years we have reached thousands of students and hundreds of teachers with modern, multilingual environmental education. In the coming years we will focus on young people throughout the Dutch Caribbean with innovative nature and environmental education and (digital) learning programs.

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