Teaching programs

Teaching program

Plastic & Recycling

Target group

9 to 12-year-olds

Learning targets

This teaching program is about plastic and recycling. It teaches children what the environment is and how they can take care of it, and discusses the concepts of waste and litter and the decomposition times of organic waste, cardboard, glass, plastic and aluminium. It pays a lot of attention to plastic in the ocean and shows how harmful plastic litter is for plants, animals and people, and how you can do something about it by recycling plastic.

Teaching materials

The teaching materials that accompany this program consist of a lesson plan, colourful power point presentations, worksheets, craft materials, films, songs, a recycling brochure, a children’s contract, a class contract and a group test.


Lesson plan Plastic and RecyclingNL / PAP

Power Point Presentation Plastic and Recycling NL / PAP


Power Point Presentation Crafting with recycled materials NL / PAP

Crafting materials to cut out


Worksheets Animals and plastic waste NL / PAP

Worksheets Plastic soup NL / PAP

Worksheets Waste decomposition times NL / PAP

Worksheets Recycle symbols NL / PAP

Worksheets Tips for living with less plastic NL / PAP


Movies about litter



Movies about Reuse, Reduce, Recycle & Refuse

The Dream, GreenTeachers Winning video 2020

Be Green, GreenTeachers 1st runner up 2020

A Better Curacao, GreenTeachers 2nd runner up 2020

Go Green, GreenTeachers winning video 2019

Change starts with you!, GreenTeachers 1st runner up 2019

Green Fairies, GreenTeachers 2nd runner up 2019

Our Green Island, GreenTeachers 3nd runner up 2019

Laga Nos Limpia, GreenTeachers winning video 2018

3XR na Papiamentu, GreenTeachers 1st runner up 2018


Songs about waste and recycling



Colouring sheets Waste & Recycling


Recycle Brochure Turn your child into a recycling hero NL / PAP



Group test in the form of an environment and recycling quiz NL / PAP


Child contract with ten clear green rules

School contract with ten clear green tips

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