lesson program

lesson program

Coral Heroes

Target group

10 to 12-year olds

Learning targets

This teaching program is about Curaçao’s coral reef. In four consecutive lessons, it teaches children what coral is, why coral reefs are important to our island, the dangers they are exposed to and how we can protect them.

With this teaching program GreenKidz and Carmabi want to jointly contribute to Coral Awareness on Curaçao. They want to make primary education students aware of the beauty and vulnerability of Curaçao’s coral reef and encourage them to enjoy it in a responsible way.

Teaching materials

The teaching materials that accompany this program are divided into 8 categories. These teaching materials consist of a colourful range of power point presentations, games, songs, posters, colouring and discussion pictures, comic books, mind maps, quizzes and tests.

0. Coral Heroes 3D tour

1. Lesson materials from lesson 1
2. Lesson materials from lesson 2
3. Lesson materials from lesson 3
4. Lesson materials from lesson 4
5. Test materials
6. Additional teaching materials
7. Teacher’s folder
8. Instructional videos for teachers


Coral Heroes 3D Tour

Take the Coral Heroes tour

Click on the document to take the 3D Tour



Lesson materials for lesson 1

PPT Lesson 1 NL

PPT Lesson 1 PAP

Coral picture sheet

Coral colouring page

Coral poster NL PAP

Coral info sheet NL

Coral info sheet PAP

Coral game card set NL PAP

Coral game answer sheet NL

Coral game instruction sheet NL

Coral Quiz Lesson 1 NL

Coral Quiz Lesson 1 PAP

Coral Quiz lesson 1 with answers NL

Coral Quiz Lesson 1 with answers PAP

Coral Quiz ABCD cards NL


2 Lesson materials for lesson 2

PPT lesson 2 NL

PPT Lesson 2 PAP

Coral viewing box cutouts NL

Coral viewing box instruction sheet NL

Plankton Game Set of Cards NL PAP

Plankton Game Answer Sheet NL

Plankton Game Answer Sheet NL

Coral Quiz Lesson 2 NL

Coral Quiz lesson 2 PAP

Coral Quiz lesson 2 with answers NL

Coral Quiz lesson 2 with answers PAP

Coral Quiz ABCD cards NL


Lesson materials for lesson 3

PPT lesson 3 NL

PPT Lesson 3 PAP

Statement game Question cards NL PAP

Statement Game Thumb Cards

Statement Game Answer Sheet NL

Statement Game Instruction Sheet NL

Sorting game Set of cards NL PAP

Sorting game Answer sheet NL

Sorting game Instruction sheet NL

Coral Quiz Lesson 3 NL

Coral Quiz Lesson 3 PAP


Coral Quiz Lesson 3 with answers NL

Coral Quiz lesson 3 with answers PAP


Lesson materials for lesson 4

PPT lesson 4 NL

PPT Lesson 4 PAP

Mind map NL

Mind map Cutout elements NL

Mind map Answer sheet NL

Mind map PAP

Mind map Cutout elements PAP

Mind map Answers sheet PAP

Mind map Instruction sheet NL

Coral Quiz Lesson 4 NL

Coral Quiz Lesson 4 PAP

Coral Quiz Lesson 4 with answers NL

Coral Quiz Lesson 4 PAP with answers


Test material

Do you want to use the test materials as a teacher? Send an email (educatie@carmabi.org) and receive it with answer sheets by mail!


Extra study materials

Coral info sheet NL

Coral info sheet PAP

Keyword list NL Pap

Class certificate NL PAP

Student certificate NL PAP

Coral Heroes Comic Book NL

Coral Heroes Comic Book PAP


Teacher’s folder

Folder Dutch lesson materials

Folder Papiamentu lesson materials


Instruction videos for teachers

Free educational materials for all primary schools on Curaçao
Coral game teacher instructions
Teacher Instructions Plankton Game
Teacher Instructions Statement Game
Teacher training Sorting game
Teacher instructions Viewing and colouring pages
Teacher instructions Coral info sheet
Teacher instructions Core concepts
Teacher instructions Coral test
Teacher instructions Coral Poster Quiz
Teacher instructions Coral Quiz
Teacher instructions Coral Certificates

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