Press releases

GreenKidz launches new educational Mosquito prevention program, 2022

GreenKidz ta lansa programa edukativo nobo ‘Prevenshon di Sangura’, 2022

GreenKidz launches new educational program ‘Mosquito prevention’, 2022

One thousand GreenKidz books for Special Education, 2022

Opening Korsou Limpi Exhibition Savonet Museum, 2021

Apertura di eksposishon pa mucha ‘Kòrsou Limpi’ den museo Savonet, 2021

Coral Heroes curriculum for all schools on Curaçao, 2021

Launch of new GreenKidz website, 2020

Revealing GreenKidz recycling wall, 2019

Launch of GreenKidz native tree project, 2019

Coca Cola donation ceremony for GreenTeens project, 2018

GreenTeachers Award Ceremony, 2018

GreenKidz Kooyman Earth Day Activity Day, April 2018

GreenKidz World Without Waste Workshop for Curacao Youth Parliament, December 2018

EWT launch ‘Everyone a hand-washing champion’, October 2017

GreenKidz Award ceremony time Rapfest, June 2017

Presentation GreenKidz annual report to Prime Minister Eugene Ruggenaath, May 2017

Tooby film screening; a local bilingual animated film about tidying up litter, April 2016

Launch Plastic & Recycling Education Package for Curacao Elementary School, November 2015


GreenKidz Fundraising 2022

GreenKidz Fundraising 2022

GreenKidz Infomercial Kòrsou ta dushi!

Kòrsou Limpi trial lesson at development school Meander, November 2021

Green Kidz Fundraising: Kopera awor!

Kòrsou Limpi Doe boek

Infomercial Greenkidz

Coral Heroes Program for Special Needs Schools

Free educational materials for all primary schools on Curaçao

Interviews with pupils of Piar School

Coral Heroes lesson at the Piar School

Coral Heroes lesson at Meander School

GreenKidz on TV

Meeting the Prime Minister!

Trees Matter!

Recycle art rocks!

Kids for a Cleaner Curacao!

Celebrating Earth Day!

Inspiring our next generation teachers!

Let’s Reduce-Reuse-Recycle!

Joining forces!


Interview met Vanessa van Paradise FM

Interview with Maya Mathias, GreenKidz creator founder

Interview with Myrthe Verhulst, committee member World Clean Up Day

Interview with Remyson Caldera, GreenKidz Guest Lecturer

Interview with Tarun Leetz, GreenKidz volunteer

Interview with Sidd Mathias, GreenKidz volunteer

Annual reports


Mosquito Prevention Community Event at Mensing’s Caminada bookstore on Curacao

GreenKidz try outs of the new Mosquito Prevention program at the Schotborg School, Blenchi School and after school program K’Alegria

Greenkidz recycle event at Blenchi school in Otrabanda

Kòrsou Limpi books for special education. 2022 2022

Coral Heroes curriculum launch, 2021

GreenKidz colouring books campaign, 2019

GreenKidz working visit to Children’s Museum Curaçao, 2019

GreenKidz working visit to Carmabi, 2019

GreenKidz working visit to Limpi, 2019

GreenKidz activities 2015-2019

GreenKidz New Year collage 2020

GreenTeens project, 2018-2019

GreenKidz Rap Festival, 2017

GreenKidz Annual collage, 2016

GreenKidz Clean Up project, 2016


GreenKidz Chamber of Commerce extract

GreenKidz Mission Statement

GreenKidz Vision document 2020-2023

GreenKidz Team-document

GreenKidz Report, Antilliaans Dagblad, July 2021

GreenKidz Newsletter

GreenKidz In the media 2021

GreenKidz Newspaper reports 2015-2020

2022 Presentation Mosquito E-learn

The GreenKidz Foundation was established in 2015 with the goal of ‘Changing the mindset of generations’. In recent years we have reached thousands of students and hundreds of teachers with modern, multilingual environmental education. In the coming years we will focus on young people throughout the Dutch Caribbean with innovative nature and environmental education and (digital) learning programs.

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