GreenKidz Starts Fundraising for Special Education

November 2023

On November 1 st , 2023, the GreenKidz Foundation launched its annual fundraising for Special Needs Education. Maya Mathias, GreenKidz coordinator: We are an inclusive foundation and have maintained warm ties with all Special Needs schools in Curacao for years. Every year, we give away 1,000 educational booklets to special needs students. This year we have developed a new Caribbean coloringbook with illustrations and beautiful coloring pages about Curacaos nature and the environment. Mathias: “Since 2015, we have provided guest lessons to thousands of special needs students inprimary, special needs, and secondary schools in Curacao. Those lessons cover the subjects of litter,waste, plastic, and recycling as well as mosquito prevention, native trees, climate change and Curaçao’scoral reef. We always adapt our lessons to the specific wishes and challenges of each school we visit,and our activities and colorful teaching materials are especially appreciated by students in special needseducation as they are very active and creative.”

Educational Caribbean coloring book about nature and environment

Mathias is proud of the new coloring book developed by her team. Mathias: “Our coloring book has avery specific Caribbean look and feel, which makes the 22 coloring pages and 6 poster illustrations veryrelatable to local children. The GreenKidz Caribbean coloring book will be available at a number ofbookstores, shops, nature parks, hotels and museums in the near future, as it is a unique and local give-away gift. Mathias: “Our first goal however is to make 1,000 special needs students happy with our neweducational product.”

Support the GreenKidz Foundation

Individuals, service clubs or companies wishing to support this inclusive fundraiser or order the Caribbean coloring book for themselves can contact GreenKidz at + 5999 5280445 or Donations can be made to MCB Curacao, account number 27502502 of the GreenKidz Foundation.

The GreenKidz Foundation was established in 2015 with the goal of ‘Changing the mindset of generations’. In recent years we have reached thousands of students and hundreds of teachers with modern, multilingual environmental education. In the coming years we will focus on young people throughout the Dutch Caribbean with innovative nature and environmental education and (digital) learning programs.

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